Beginning this year, the creators of the GymRat CHALLENGE will be allowing players to view and maintain their GymRat RECRUITING PROFILES. This is an important function for players at all age levels as they manage the information that is available about them for view by college coaches and evaluators in the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX. Access to the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX is the latest tool that demonstrates why more players are recruited out of the GymRat CHALLENGE than any other event in the nation. Players will be able to choose from two types of GymRat RECRUITING PROFILES:

  • ENHANCED PROFILES are viewable by college coaches and evaluators before, during, and after the event….365 days a year. With an ENHANCED PROFILE, players have the ability to provide information that’s critical to those who will be viewing their profile including academic information, links to highlight and game videos, basketball references, and high school and AAU schedule information. ENHANCED PROFILE users will also have the ability to track exactly what coaches and evaluators have viewed their profile as well send messages to and receive messages from those coaches and evaluators. Enhanced profiles are a one-stop portal and consolidation of critical information that college coaches are looking for throughout the recruiting process, as well as information that our GymRat EVALUATION STAFF is seeking during their pre and post-event research. Less than 4% off all high school basketball players across the country have the opportunity to play college basketball at any level….from junior college to NAIA, to NCAA Division III, II, or I. Competing in a high-exposure event like the GymRat CHALLENGE and creating an ENHANCED PROFILE acts to make you more visible among a very crowded field of players being evaluated for the limited opportunities available to play at the college level.
  • BASIC PROFILES are viewable by college coaches and evaluators during the event ONLY. BASIC PROFILES contain only your basic roster information.
    • It’s critical that players make sure that their BASIC PROFILE information is up to date. This is the roster information that will be made available to college coaches and evaluators during the GymRat CHALLENGE event. This is also the roster data that is entered into the GameChanger system that provides real-time scoring and statistics for the event. Incorrect or incomplete BASIC PROFILE information may prevent players from being identified as ALL-GymRat CHALLENGE performers and/or from receiving post-event media recognition.
  • The table below provides a comparison of the features available in the BASIC and ENHANCED PROFILES

Recruiting Profiles