Recruiting Index Fees

Fees for this profile service have been structured to make ENHANCED PROFILES accessible and affordable to as many players as possible.

  • ENHANCED PROFILE subscription service is provided for a fee $4.99/month. That fee is automatically charged to each month to the credit card provided at the time of purchase. You may also choose an annual pay option of $50/year to realize a 10% savings. Both the monthly and annual plans are set to auto-renew in order to avoid disruption is service. This fee structure is designed to make the ENHANCED PROFILE service affordable to players of all income levels. By comparison, other generalized profile sites, such as BeRecruited ($9.99/month or $99/year) and CaptainU (19.95/month) charge two to four TIMES as much for far less specialized and targeted services.
  • BASIC PROFILE subscription service is provided at no charge