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At the GymRat CHALLENGE, approximately 500 games involving teams from twenty-three U.S. states and Canadian provinces will be played over 36 hours at five different venues involving nearly 3,000 athletes in six Age Divisions with over 180 college coaches, scouting services, and publications in attendance to observe and evaluate as we crown GymRat CHALLENGE Champions in each Age Division and prepare the comprehensive GymRat REPORT that’s available to every college coach in the nation..

The scheduling process for the GymRat CHALLENGE is extremely complex. Because the GymRat CHALLENGE is a Pool Play into a Championship Round event with a tremendous amount of national exposure on the line, great care is taken in order to create parity within our Pool Play structure. Competitive integrity takes highest priority in creating a GymRat schedule followed by geographic diversity within each pool, and scheduling special requests. Each GymRat pool is designed to contain a #1, #2, #3, and #4 seed. While not an exact science, much like the creation of NCAA Tournament brackets, this process is designed to give the best teams the highest likelihood of advancing to Sunday afternoon’s Championship Round, while at the same time giving all teams the chance to win games during Pool Play.


PICTURED: KIYAN ANTHONY of TEAM MELO. The prince of HOF basketball royalty CARMELLO ANTHONY is ranked 38th nationally in the class of 2025 by 24/7 Sports & 42nd by ESPN as he continues to rise on high-major wish lists across the country with 17 offers already in his pocket including Syracuse, Florida State, Indiana, Maryland, Menphis, and Tennessee. GymRat Executive Director, John Kmack, on Anthony “His physical development year over year was immediately evident and allowed him to exploit defenders more readily with the depth of his offensive skill set. He is longer & stronger than observers realize at first glance. Leg cramps limited him on Day 2, but he put the full three-level offensive arsenal on display on Day 1. Comparisons to his Hall of Fame father are cliche but obvious. Their gait and pace are strikingly similar as is their ability to toy with defenders before rocking them to sleep and scoring in a multitude of ways. Kiyan’s range is DEEP. His release is picture perfect, high, and quick (see 4th pic in post) which makes it exceedingly difficult to defend when combined with his 6’5″ frame. He needs very little space to release and he finds that space easily. Also an exceptional ball handler who moves defenders with pace and fluidity and finishes against contact with his evolving strength.” (Photo, Eddie Quinn, GymRat Staff)