On May 22-23, 2021, GymRat LIVE will match-up 14 of the best girls grassroots basketball programs on the eastern seaboard in an invitation-only event that will be professionally broadcast to the nation. It will Alpha vs. Alpha as some of the best players in America representing 24 teams from NIKE’s EYBL, the Under Armour Association and Adidas’ 3 Stripe Select Basketball Circuit go head to head under one of the brightest spotlight’s ever to shine on the grassroots basketball landscape.

 GymRat LIVE will be a full-broadcast production with multiple professionally operated cameras on each court, including a replay camera, as well as a technical director, graphics director, and broadcast team (play-by-play and color commentator) on every broadcasted game. GymRat LIVE will NOT be a live “stream” with a teenager holding an iPAD at half-court while every viewer squints to see jersey numbers and hopes that the iPAD operator remembers to move their lens. GymRat LIVE will provide the best digital viewing experience of any grassroots basketball event anywhere on the planet. This will be the best game film available to any player, coach, or college coach in the nation.
The original intent was to allow only college coaches to access the broadcast. However, with limited capacity allowed in the building and with a huge demand from players, parents, and media to have access to the broadcast, we have decided to add a GENERAL ADMISSIONS digital viewing package in order to make the GymRat LIVE broadcast available to the general public and to players that are in need of quality game film as a part of the recruiting process. This will allow players, parents, and the general public to view the live broadcast AND have access to the full archived video of every GymRat LIVE broadcasted game. All teams at GymRat LIVE are guaranteed at least three games with at least two of those being a part of the live broadcast. The GymRat LIVE General Admission Broadcast package is available for $49. CLICK HERE to access the General Admission Broadcast package.
The $49 General Admission broadcast package allows the purchaser to view all games of the GymRat LIVE broadcast and have archived access to all broadcasted games. The General Admissions package does not include the digital roster information and full RECRUITING Index features available in the $395 College Coaches broadcast package.