The GymRat spotlight will shine from New York to Ohio in 2023 with the nation's top recruiting and exposure events! GET IN EARLY, OR END UP ON THE WAITING LIST! The GymRat CHALLENGE has long been touted by experts across the country for providing the most complete and comprehensive recruiting and exposure experience in grassroots basketball. With events that include legendarily high credibility player evaluation services as well as unparalleled coverage from college coaches, scouting services, and basketball publications across the country, more players are recruited out of the GymRat CHALLENGE and GymRat LIVE than any other events in the nation.

The list of GymRat alums is long, distinguished, and growing each year. That list includes two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, two-time WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart, NBA & WNBA All-Stars and World Champions, NBA & WNBA Lottery Picks, NCAA Players of the Year and National Champions, Naismith National High School Players of the Year, High School All-Americans and many, many more. With team and individual national notoriety on the line, those that perform well in these high visibility events receive a massive boost in recruiting exposure. Each year, several ALL-GymRat selections are tabbed by the GymRat Evaluation Staff as rising members of their classes both nationally and regionally in their home areas of the country. All of this combined with a well-earned reputation as the best organized events in America, makes the GymRat CHALLENGE one of the most complete and competitive stops on the summer basketball schedule. MARK THAT CALENDAR!

Unrestricted National Registration for all 2023 GymRat events is underway as of New Year's Day, January 1, 2023. After the second most prolific EARLY REGISTRATION period in the 26 year history of the GymRat CHALLENGE saw teams from Miami to Michigan to Montreal jump in to lock in their spots for 2023, the floodgates are now opened for teams from throughout the North American continent to register to compete in one of the most iconic events in the history of grassroots basketball where yesterday, today and tomorrow's NCAA, NBA, and WNBA stars have earned their reputations since 1998. The annual EARLY REG period from November 1st to December 31st is restricted to Returning Teams and teams for the previous year's Waiting List in order to give them an advanced opportunity to secure their spots in the GymRat CHALLENGE field, but once January 1st arrives, those restrictions are removed and teams from throughout the United States & Canada rush to claim their spots before maximum capacity is reached.

One of the most iconic events in grassroots basketball history. The GymRat CHALLENGE is a true test of both basketball skill & will where yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's NCAA, NBA & WNBA stars have come to earn their reputations over the past two and a half decades....and where others have come to compete against them and see how they measure up. Including two-time NBA & WNBA MVPs Steph Curry and Breanna Stewart, since 1998, some of the greatest players on the planet have arrived at the GymRat CHALLENGE to compete and be seen, and exited the GymRat CHALLENGE having catapulted themselves to the top of recruiting boards everywhere. Registration is underway at

The BOYS GymRat CHALLENGE in Albany, NY will take place on May 27-28, 2023. CLICK HERE for full details.

The GIRLS GymRat CHALLENGE in Albany, NY will take place on June 10-11, 2023. CLICK HERE for full details.

One of the most legendary events in grassroots basketball history where NCAA, NBA & WNBA stars have earned their reputations over the past two and a half decades comes to the heart of the Midwest to be played in the 3rd largest indoor athletic facility in the WORLD! The #1 recruiting and exposure event operator in the nation is partnering with the developer of the largest indoor athletic facilities in America for an unprecedented event that will light up the NCAA's May LIVE recruiting period with over 300 teams from across the United States & Canada competing against each other in a one-of-a-kind facility in front of hundreds of college coaches. The developers of Nook Sports have built their newest project, Champion Mill just outside of Cincinnati, OH. The 1.2 million square foot behemoth facility will host the GymRat CHALLENGE AT CHAMPION MILL MAY 19-21, 2023 on 28 permanent courts....No temporary courts, no playing on plastic tiles. Just permanent courts designed for major basketball events. Registration is underway at

The BOYS GymRat CHALLENGE at CHAMPION MILL in Hamilton, OH will take place on May 20-21, 2023. CLICK HERE for full details.

The GIRLS GymRat CHALLENGE at CHAMPION MILL in Hamilton, OH will take place on May 19-21, 2023 during the NCAA's LIVE Recruiting Period. CLICK HERE for full details.

GymRat LIVE is the GREATEST SHOW IN GRASSROOTS BASKETBALL! By INVITATION-ONLY, the GymRat LIVE field includes representatives of NIKE’s EYBL, the Under Armour Association and Adidas’ 3 Stripe Select Basketball Circuit going head to head in Alpha v. Alpha match-ups that are displayed across the country and around the world in a full broadcast production that provides the brightest spotlight’s ever to shine on the grassroots basketball landscape. As a true invitational event, there is no charge for teams to compete at GymRat LIVE. Teams are selected to compete at GymRat LIVE based on input from national and regional media members, sneaker company executives, basketball coaches, experts, and evaluators. Created as a complimentary addition to the legendary GymRat CHALLENGE events that have been the proving ground for today and tomorrow's NCAA and NBA stars since 1998, GymRat LIVE is NOT a live “stream” with a teenager holding an iPAD at half-court while every viewer squints to see jersey numbers and hopes that the iPAD operator remembers to move their lens. GymRat LIVE IS an ESPN-quality full broadcast production with multiple professionally operated cameras on every court, replay cameras, color and play-by-play commentators, as well as full technical and graphics staffs. Click the video clips below to see why NOTHING LIKE GymRat LIVE HAS EVER TAKEN PLACE IN THE HISTORY OF GRASSROOTS BASKETBALL.