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At the GymRat CHALLENGE, approximately 500 games involving teams from twenty-three U.S. states and Canadian provinces will be played over 36 hours at five different venues involving nearly 3,000 athletes in six Age Divisions with over 180 college coaches, scouting services, and publications in attendance to observe and evaluate as we crown GymRat CHALLENGE Champions in each Age Division and prepare the comprehensive GymRat REPORT that’s available to every college coach in the nation..

The scheduling process for the GymRat CHALLENGE is extremely complex. Because the GymRat CHALLENGE is a Pool Play into a Championship Round event with a tremendous amount of national exposure on the line, great care is taken in order to create parity within our Pool Play structure. Competitive integrity takes highest priority in creating a GymRat schedule followed by geographic diversity within each pool, and scheduling special requests. Each GymRat pool is designed to contain a #1, #2, #3, and #4 seed. While not an exact science, much like the creation of NCAA Tournament brackets, this process is designed to give the best teams the highest likelihood of advancing to Sunday afternoon’s Championship Round, while at the same time giving all teams the chance to win games during Pool Play.


All teams requiring hotel accommodations are REQUIRED to book through our hotel logistics partner, Halpern Travel. Teams that booked hotels outside of the Halpern system will be removed from the schedule and replaced with teams from our extensive Waiting List. Because adherence to this policy is absolutely necessary in order keep hotel rates reasonable for GymRat CHALLENGE teams year over year, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

For more information on our hotel policy and booking procedures or to get your team into IMMEDIATE compliance, please visit

Ariel Little

PICTURED: 2023 GymRat CHALLENGE 17U Platinum MVP and St, John’s-commit ARIEL LITTLE of Castle Athletics. The competitive and charismatic LITTLE not only controls the ROCK when it’s in her hands, she OWNS it. A superior ballhandler and leader who can also be a volume scorer. Here’s what the GymRat EVALUATION staff had to say about LITTLE in the June GymRat REPORT…“Ariel Little (3) 5-5 point guard, Castle Athletics/South Shore-Brooklyn H.S.: She becomes an absolute pit bull at the opening tip. A charismatic leader of a squad that moves the ball effectively. Also, a spark plug to a high-powered offense that constantly pushes in transition. A true point guard that can get to the rim with speed, quickness and an ability to break down defenders with brilliant ball-handling skills. Has James Harden-like game with deadly outside shooting. Scored 14 points in the second half to lift her squad to the bracket title. Size not an issue, gets to the rim and finishes strong or finds open teammates for easy hoops. Calm vs. pressure. Tremendous anticipation on defense. True impact player in the classic New York City point-guard tradition. Jacksonville, St. Johns, DePaul have offered.” (Photo, Eddie Quinn, GymRat Staff)