“When we started our program, we wanted to challenge our kids right away, so one of the first events that we put on our schedule was the GymRat CHALLENGE. We chose the GymRat because of it’s outstanding reputation and history, and because we knew that we’d see good competition there that would help us figure out where we measured up.  We had very high expectations for our GymRat experience….but what we experienced when we arrived exceeded even those very high expectations.  There’s no better place to prepare your kids to compete. The only event that we’ve competed in that we can honestly compare to the GymRat CHALLENGE is the Jr. NBA World Championships in Florida….and that’s an NBA production.  We’ll be back at the GymRat CHALLENGE every year, so that kids in our program are always ready to compete.”-Nihad Musovic, President, 6th Boro Hoops

“The only other event run this well is the Nike PEACH JAM.”
–Coach Anthony Marino, City Rocks

“Since 1996, we’ve traveled throughout the country to play. We’ve had top 15 finishes in the Nationals, and competed in every major event from here to Vegas, Texas, and North Carolina. We have high expectations for our kids and our program, and that’s why the GymRat CHALLENGE is a permanent part of our calendar. What separates the GymRat CHALLENGE from other major events is that kids truly have an opportunity to EARN a reputation. At the GymRat CHALLENGE, if you think that you can play, you’ll most definitely have a chance to prove it–head to head against the best that the nation has to has to throw at you. This is the fairest format of any BIG TIME event in the country. You get what you EARN here. If you think you can win it, you have a chance to PROVE it–ON THE COURT. There are no paper champions or paper players at the GymRat CHALLENGE.”
–Coach Kevin Hamilton, NYC Jaguars

“I just wanted to once again thank you for a great tournament. You and your staff are fantastic and its a pleasure to play in a event where the games start on time the officiating is top notch and win or lose you come away feeling a sense of satisfaction. All the players and parents feel the same way. See you next year!”
–Tony Sagona, Director, Jersey Shore Warriors

“We’ve been ALL over the country to play in the top events in AAU basketball. The GymRat CHALLENGE is as good as it gets: The GymRat CHALLENGE is better than Kingswood, better than Gibbons. The competition is GREAT, the facilities are GREAT, the staff is GREAT. I loved it, my kids loved it, and we’ll be back with MORE teams next year.”
–Tracy Culp, MINNESOTA Magic

“I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and attended well over 1,000 tournaments. The GymRat CHALLENGE is in the TOP 5 of ALL of the tournaments that we’ve attended during that time.”
–Doc Nicelli, Student-Athlete Broncos

“No tournament in the country offers the complete package like the GymRat CHALLENGE. Great competition, fantastic facilities, a staff that attends to every detail big and small and if you’re not prepared and tough, an opportunity for David to slay Goliath.”
-Coach Dave Vitale, RI Breakers, 2004 GymRat CHALLENGE 17:U Champions

“What an EXPERIENCE! This was more exciting than the Nationals! This is the way it’s supposed to be done!”
–Ron Baron, Long Island Lightning, 2003 GymRat CHALLENGE 15U Champions

“Between playing our national schedule and running the Rumble in the Bronx, I know what it takes to develop a nationally competitive event. John Kmack and the GymRat CHALLENGE have simply taken that process to ANOTHER LEVEL! It’s amazing to see what this event has become in a relatively short period of time. Even more impressive, it’s unbelievable to understand what this event will continue to become. It’s one thing to establish a nationally competitive event. It’s something very different to continually make it better. Make no mistake about it, the GymRat CHALLENGE just KEEPS GETTING BETTER EACH YEAR! There’s a big difference between playing in a tournament and attending an EVENT. Like the Rumble in the Bronx, the GymRat CHALLENGE is an EVENT!”
–Jim Hart, Director, Albany City Rocks & Rumble in the Bronx

“This event is sure to draw the attention of ALL of the major scouting services and recruiting analysts across the country. This event should continue to draw many of the nation’s elite programs every year….The GymRat Challenge offers the best prize package for tournament champions when compared to every other tournament we have ever attended…..On behalf of the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, I would like to say, “Thank You.” John Kmack promised me a memorable experience for our players, coaching staff and parents. We received a once-in-a lifetime experience! The competition was solid, the facilities were great, and the generosity of the people in the Albany area was outstanding. The GymRat Challenge is the most organized and best managed event that we have ever attended including the Adidas Big Time, Kingwood Classic and Bob Gibbons’ Tournament of Champions. We were impressed with the total package from the moment we arrived. John Kmack, his event and support staff, the on-site court managers and the officials were as professional and courteous as we have encountered from coast to coast. First Class operation! ”
–Ritchie Davis, Executive Director & Head Coach, Wisconsin Playground Warriors

“Your staff was phenomenal. Everything is professional. From top to bottom, the GymRat CHALLENGE is on par with the adidas Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas. ”
–Coach Eric Jaklitsch, New York Elite

“The GymRat CHALLENGE goes head to head with the best tournaments in the country, but being able to play at one gym on both Saturday and Sunday makes this the perfect tournament. With a huge number of teams, the whole set-up is excellent from staff to facilities! Win, lose, or draw the kids have a great experience! ”
–Coach OJ Matthews, Diaper Dans of Virginia

“We play in tournaments all over the world from the U.S. to Paris and Barcelona. The GymRat CHALLENGE is the best run tournament that we’ve been to in the last seven years, including Vegas and North Carolina. Although we’ve seen some better big men elsewhere, the guard play here was as good as it gets anywhere. It’s a pleasure to play in such a great event. The GymRat CHALLENGE is all about dignity, class, and super organization. ”
–Coach Buddy Mason, Lynchburg Master Hoops

“One of the most first-class events that we’ve attended. Everything was professionally done! Even the refs were great! Most importantly, this tournament is LOADED with talent! We look forward to coming back next year.”
-Coach Harvey Brewer, Baltimore Bombers

“On behalf of the Metro Player organization, I would like to say thank you. Your tournament was one of the best run tournaments that I have attended in my 10 years of coaching. Your staff members were polite and very helpful, the facilities were great, and the competition was excellent. I just wanted to let you know how much my boys and I enjoyed your tournament.”
-Coach Levi Franklin, Metro Players DC

“Thanks once again for hosting an outstanding tournament. As usual, things went very smoothly, something I’ve come to expect from your tournaments. Not only is the competition outstanding, the facilities are as good as it gets, and even the officiating was outstanding.”
-Coach Dave Vitale, RI Breakers

“DO NOT CHANGE A THING! Everything is exactly as you said it would be in the brochure in regard to the structure of the tournament, the talent at the tournament, and every aspect of the way it was operated. Your staff is outstanding, professional, helpful, and active in every way. Thank you for the great experience that your organization treated my team to at the GymRat CHALLENGE. This is the way it should be done!”
–John Connolly, Nashua (NH) Shamrocks

“As part of our national schedule, this is the best tournament that we attend outside the State of Texas. The GymRat CHALLENGE is clearly on par with the Adidas Big Time tournament in Las Vegas.”
–Coach George Schudy, Houston LYNX

“Our teams have attended tournaments throughout Canada, including Provincial tournaments, and across the U.S. eastern seaboard. No tournament that we’ve attended has been as well-run, well-organized, and competitive as the GymRat CHALLENGE. What a great experience!”
–Scott McLeod, Lindsay (Ontario) Spiders

“In a very short period of time the GymRat CHALLENGE has established itself as an outstanding nationally prominent event. It takes years for other major events to accomplish what this event has accomplished. The facilities are great, and with teams from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, the competition is tremendous.”
-Jack McCutcheon, Long Island Lightning

“One of the most professionally run tournaments that the Gauchos have attended. We’re spreading the Word.”
-Richard Burks, New York Gauchos

“I’ve been to EVERY BIG NAME tournament east of the Mississippi. The GymRat CHALLENGE is the BEST tournament that we’ve been to! The competition and facilities are outstanding, and there’s always a staff member to direct you every step of the way.”
-Shawn Pudney, Syracuse SELECT

“The level of competition was outstanding. Our bracket alone was loaded! The tournament was very well run with great facilities. We travel throughout the country both in and out of the LIVE period. I place this tournament in the top 2 of all the tournaments that we’ve attended!”
-Dawud Abdur Rahkman, Masai Warriors (PA)

“This is the most well-organized and competitive tournament that we’ve been to. Guaranteed on time and on schedule. Even the referees are wonderful!”
-Tom Tucker, Flint (MI) Affiliation

“The BEST all-around tournament that I’ve seen. This event will be the talk of New York City.”
-Carlton Screen, Flatbush Youth Association (NYC)

“We play a national schedule and travel throughout the country. The GymRat CHALLENGE is as well-run and well organized as any tournament that we’ve attended. The only tournament that impressed us on the same level was the Nike tournament at Disney.”
-Terry Brewin, NJ RAP

“Great competition, great facilities, unbelievable prizes and tremendously well organized.”
-Gregory Wright, Huntington Park Warriors (The Rasheed Wallace Foundation), Philadelphia, PA