How we schedule

The scheduling process for the GymRat CHALLENGE is extremely complex.  At the GymRat CHALLENGE, approximately 500 games involving teams from over twenty U.S. states and Canadian provinces will be played over 36 hours at six different venues involving over 3,000 athletes in six Age Divisions with over 180 college coaches, scouting services, and publications in attendance to observe and evaluate.  Because the GymRat CHALLENGE is a Pool Play into a Championship Round event with a tremendous amount of national exposure on the line, great care is taken in order to create parity within our Pool Play structure.  Competitive integrity takes highest priority in creating a GymRat schedule followed by geographic diversity within each pool, and scheduling special requests.  Each GymRat pool is designed to contain a #1, #2, #3, and #4 seed.  While not an exact science, much like the creation of NCAA Tournament brackets, this process is designed to give the best teams the highest likelihood of advancing to DAY 2 afternoon’s Championship Round, while at the same time giving all teams the chance to win games during Pool Play.

All pool play games times at the GymRat CHALLENGE are pre-slotted in order to provide competitive integrity.  A general breakdown of that pre-slotted schedule is provided below:

  • Games begin on DAY 1 at 8:00 AM and run one hour and five minutes apart with the final tip on DAY 2 at 10;05 PM
  • Games begin on DAY 2 at 8:00 AM and run one hour and five minutes apart with the final tip in Pool Play beginning at 11:15 AM.
  • Teams that have their opening Pool Play games at 8:00 or 9:05 AM on DAY 1 play again at 2:30 or 3:35 PM on DAY 2, and then at 10:10 or 11:15 AM on Day 2
  • Teams that have their opening Pool Play games at 10:10 or 11:15 AM on DAY 1 play again at 6:50 or 7:55 PM on DAY 1, and then at 8:00 or 9:05 AM on DAY 2
  • Teams that have their opening Pool Play games at the latest possible start on DAY 1 at 12:20 or 1:25 PM on DAY 1 will play all three pool play games on DAY 1.  Those teams play again at 4:40 or 5:45 PM on DAY 1, and then complete pool play at 9:00 or 10:05 PM on DAY 1.
  • Championship Round play commences at 1:35 PM on DAY 2 for Pool Champions and qualifying Wildcard teams.

While there is no guarantee, the GymRat CHALLENGE attempts to meet as many Special Requests as are reasonably possible.  Because of the size of the event and complexity of our schedule, for a Special Request to be considered it MUST be submitted through your Team Dashboard.  Special Requests submitted in any other form (e-mail, text, voice mail) will NOT be considered. To submit a special request:

  1. Log into your GymRat account at
    • If you cannot remember your username, do NOT create a new account. SImply click the FORGOT USERNAME link.
    • If you cannot remember your password, do NOT create a new account. Simply click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link.
    • Only your original account is linked to your team.  Creating a new account will prevent you from having access to your team and any roster information from previous years.
    • The system was designed to save all of your data year over year in order to make entering your rosters and registering your teams easier for you each year. Log into YOUR original account each time to enjoy those benefits.
  2.  Once you’ve logged in, click on the MY TEAMS tab in the navigation bar
  3. Once there, click on the name for the team that you want to view and you will be taken to your TEAM DASHBOARD
  4. Once on the TEAM DASHBOARD, scroll down to the TEAM INFORMATION section, and click on the EDIT button in the upper right hand corner of that section.
  5. A dialogue box will appear. Enter your preference in the SPECIAL REQUESTS section and click the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the dialogue box.