Huge demand combined with lingering COIVD and facility restrictions have resulted in the largest Waiting List in the 24 year history of the GymRat CHALLENGE. We have re-configured our format and schedule to allow as many teams as possible into the event, but even with those measures, the Waiting List has climbed to 154 teams.

COVID restrictions are causing us to have to eliminate the Championship Round from this year’s event. Because we love the competitiveness of the Championship Round format, this will NOT be a permanent change.¬†PLEASE do NOT call our office to tell us why the Championship Round should remain in the event. That’s not necessary, because¬†WE ALREADY FULLY AGREE WITH YOU!¬†This is simply a modification that we need to make as some COVID policy restrictions continue to linger. When COVID is fully behind us in 2022, the Championship Round will return with its full level of intensity.

All teams will receive a three game guarantee. We are working diligently to balance each pool in order to provide the most competitive match-ups during the event, so that our Evaluation Team can view players in the proper competitive alignments.

Games will begin as early as 8:00 AM on Saturday and run one hour and five minutes apart with the last tip on Saturday coming at 10:05 PM. The first tip on Sunday will be at 8:00 AM with the final games of the event tipping off at 5:45 PM on Sunday.